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GOOD TO BE GOOD is an intersectional, community-wide, grassroots humanitarian and advocacy nonprofit organization on a mission to serve marginalized communities and help build a kind and equal world. 


Established in 2016, our vision for an equitable, compassionate, and sustainable world for all continues to be guided by a feminist, anti-oppressive, anti-racist, trauma-informed interconnected framework. Our human rights-based efforts are rooted in a commitment to gender equality, equity, and peacebuilding and ensure a gender-responsive focus that addresses issues impacting women and girls, particularly BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) women, gender-diverse folks, and marginalized communities. 

We believe that global change starts with creating impact locally. As a women-led organization, we tailor our efforts using an intersectional and holistic approach to tackle the urgent and complex issues of our most underserved communities while bringing awareness to the underlying causes and longstanding systemic inequities that make people vulnerable in the first place.

At GOOD TO BE GOOD, we provide restorative and empowering supports, programs, and advocacy for women and folks in our communities who have felt the marginalizing effects of inequity such as gender-based violence, structural poverty, and unfair and unequal treatment.   

We work alongside our communities to uniquely and effectively address the greatest needs and barriers concerning gender equity. 


Our ethos is solidarity over charity; collective care before individual overcoming. For us, these are verbs not nouns. 

Our approach is two-fold: we focus on acts of service and reinforce active concern for gender equity through our advocacy and programs. 

Our core beliefs are rooted in compassion, inclusion, justice, equity, interconnectedness, radical love, and the protection and upholding of human rights. 

Building community is a requisite foundation for transformation, connectivity, development, and all that we do. Alongside communities, we are committed to addressing the cycles of gender inequality and social injustices by actively listening, learning, supporting, empowering, and being guided by wisdom and movements working to dismantle oppressive institutions of patriarchy, hierarchy, colonialism, and racism on local levels and in powerful, loving ways.

What began as a small informal endeavour of justice-seeking engaged friends and family providing supplies to neighbourhood shelters has grown into a community-based nonprofit organization offering social programs and services to community members. 

Between 2016-2021—with a total of 11 community events and several human rights-focused advocacy campaigns—we have raised over $75,000* and over 200,600+ essentials for women, girls, gender-diverse people, and communities experiencing poverty, gender-based violence, abuse, precarious housing, economic disparities, and other forms of systemic socio-economic vulnerabilities. 

It is truly through the work of all that we will build toward an equitable and kinder world. 

An equitable and kinder world is possible when we nurture our ethics and values—our respect for human rights, responsibility, equity, love, inclusivity, and universal compassion.”

TOGETHER—as a force. 

How do we practice our good muscles and work together to drive radical change in the world we inhabit? 

How can we be of service so that we may build kind and equitable connected communities? How can we honour the truth that we are interwoven with one another? 

One act of service at a time.

When we cultivate a sense of solidarity-based service with the hope of building an equal and compassionate world, we inadvertently discover the great paradox that underlies fuller human flourishing—in the giving lies the discovery of inherent togetherness and a way to arrive at our shared humanity. By doing unto others, we not only help others: we help ourselves and the future of our place.

There is something about the experience of intertwining connection that is deeply there in the fabric of reality. We are all connected; no life is separate from another; no freedom goes without another. So no matter how big or small the act may be, everything we do as one can affect the whole.

Shoulder to shoulder, we can claim our kinship with each other, other beings, and the interdependence of life. 

May you find the possibilities to turn your heart towards one another. May you harness the power of caring for each other. May you build the spaces to be good together.

– Char San Pedro, Founder + Lifelong Gender Equity Advocate


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