Supporting Diverse Black + BIPOC Women

Racism is the antithesis of total freedom and dignity. It has no place in our institutions, societies, homes, or our hearts. It is a public human rights violation that harms black women and men across the world that demands our meaningful attention and care. There is also an importance in acknowledging the systematic denial of equal rights, access, and opportunities to Black and BIPOC communities— uniquely women. The effects of long-standing racial discrimination remain and perpetuate disparities in poverty, housing, equity, criminal justice, health care, climate change, safety, gender-violence, among other areas. ⁣

Our mission to help those whose needs are most vulnerable and create sustainable, safer, and kinder lives is dedicated to consciously addressing this explicitly, with an intersectional and anti-oppressive anti-racist lens. Our commitment is enduring—to listen, transform, empower, and support. We know from our work and those of many others that silence sustains these issues. That the power of our voices and willingness are far greater than what divides us and at best, affirms our common humanity. ⁣

Our Women’s Relief Fund will persist in serving black, BIPOC, visible minority girls, women and their families/dependents, who have or are experiencing poverty, economic inequities, gender-based violence, and marginalization. Donations made to the fund will continue going to shelters and services aiding diverse women and communities.

We ensure immediate access and delivery to supports they need to sustain themselves through the pandemic crisis such as:

  • healthy food and groceries
  • warm takeaway meals
  • gift cards
  • menstrual items
  • baby products
  • personal aid
  • community-based resources and programs
  • rent supplements
  • safe shelter and assistance programs

Moreover, every week we’ll share our resources on how we can actively engage in anti-racist dialogue, encourage responsibility and accountability, promote inclusivity and diversity from black-led organizations and stories, and center policies that prevent racialized and gendered economic equality. ⁣

Help us combat racism with urgent determination and compassionate, action-based care for our black brothers and sisters. Thank you for fighting the good fight and rejecting all forms of injustice.

To Donate:

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