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Sometimes we get so absorbed with solely making our own lives better and overlook the value of our human connection. It is vital to remind ourselves and each other what’s important and what truly matters in the core of our hearts. A common belief that when everybody is equal, together, we are all free. We need to remember that the challenges, atrocities and issues that present themselves in other lives can happen to anybody. Ultimately, gender-based issues, women’s issues, children’s issues, marginalized groups’ issues belong to the responsibility of each and every one of us. In fact, the most significant reminder may be the toughest of all – that’s changing ourselves.

We have the ability to help others protect their basic human right to dignity, security and liberty. All of us have a height of freedom that is unthinkable for millions of women, people around the world and even, for many in our own surroundings. There are women who live in severe danger and face varied levels of abuse just by being themselves or – trying to have a voice. Whether subtle or explicit, violence and abuse is everywhere: in the industries we work in, in businesses, in schools, in politics, and the most dangerous place for some women: their own homes. It is a crime against humanity, one that impairs the woman, the families, communities and future generations.

We can continue our commitment to putting these issues front and centre and approach them holistically, in how we interact in relationships, in the love we give to our duties, by shifting our attitudes that permits the routine harassment, by promoting a culture of equality, by participating and by building the core belief into your everyday human efforts.

Charity begins at home and grows from there. To that end, we need to work strongly with one another and be deliberate about creating a truly equal and just society. Universally, these are investments that never fail and we build a fruitful humanity by what we give, not what we get.

On December 10th 2018, together with 70+ guests, we raised over $2500+ and 8 large packages of in-kind donations filled with new clothing, toiletries, gift cards and baby items. Thank you all for doing some good with us! Your continued support goes a long way:

Big thanks to all of our sponsors for helping us fulfill our initiative: Ari of Muula Humanetics, Meridian Credit Union, S1 Group, Localboom, The Richmond, Lux Furniture Rentals, Stemz Floral & Event, Blaze Pizza (John Street), Crave Healthy Habits, Vieni Estates, Kensington Brewery, Sweet Carnival Cakes, St Royals Entertainment, Pussy Willow Floral Studio, Simply Protein, Flow Alkaline Water, Tara Noelle Photography, Silvia Samsa, Lina Almanzan and all of our cherished contributors and collaborators.

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Thank you for being an integral part of the change in the world. 


Sincere Kinships for Change

With everything that is going on, we recognize that a radical change is fundamental in today’s society, in ourselves, in the dynamic of our relationships (work/family/friends/peers/others) and the individual relationship.

How do we take the next steps? Are we doing all that we can to bring this all about? What shall we do? What for? And why?

We live in a world where there are constant problems, there is mistrust, there is suffering, and there is heartache. Life is experience and our relationship with these experiences. We have formed relationships with these problems. And they feel so difficult to solve, especially if we allow them to take root in our minds.

Naturally, our minds create the problems, and then it develops as the ground in which they take root. And once it’s been planted in the mind, it becomes very challenging to pull up from it. What is essential is for us to have our minds itself realize the problem and not provide it the power to grow. When our mind craves to understand a problem, it must not only understand the problem entirely, but must be able to follow it speedily and thoroughly, because the actual problem is never steadfast. We should pursue them with a clear, ever-changing, swift mind. Cause what the world is, we are. So your problem is the world’s problem and vice versa. So we ought to begin near.

One of the biggest disturbances we face is the problem of cooperation. What does it mean to cooperate? To cooperate is to do things together, to create together, to feel together, and to form bonds with one another so that we can live and coexist freely. Yet, we find that generally people don’t feel propelled to naturally and joyfully work together; and consequently, they are inclined to work together through other incentives: fear, punishment, gain, threat, complacency. These are common exercises throughout our active systems that irrefutably cause some of the rubble that we confront today.

The idea of unity is much different for me. To collaborate, to cooperate, is the fun, joy and love of being and doing things together. Whatever that may be. We normally see this sense in kids, who cultivate the feeling of that togetherness by cooperating instinctively in almost anything. There are no emphasized thoughts of reward, gratification, punishment, disagreements, anxieties, objections, sense of self protection or comfort – they just want to help and be part of something! And as adults, we sometimes forget or corrupt the element of doing things together with spontaneity and sincerity. And when we identify what it truly means to come together, we will also know when it is equally not important to cooperate. It is vital for us to rekindle the spirit and strength of pulling together, for then it will not be only be because of a circumstance or plan that joins us, but that beautiful human feeling of fellowship, the harmony with and in one another.

By virtue of this interconnection, we can build a better world. A world that is not independent of you and me; rather one that freely blossoms from intimacy and complete communion, not fear. A world we can continue to love.

Written by: Char San Pedro of Good To Be Good