Holiday Drive

Not every holiday looks the same. For many, they may be experiencing gender-based violence, poverty and economic insecurity, or crisis. We are doubling down on our efforts this season in ensuring that the city’s most at-risk women, trans women, and diverse communities have access to critical care and immediate supports.

Between now until December 21st, in lieu of our annual #TogetherForWomen event, we are holding a Good To Be Good Holiday Drive to collect healthy, shelf-stable food items, new baby products, hygiene essentials, and local gift cards.

Items can be dropped off at 2 locations: The Drake Hotel + The Drake Commissary. If you are unable to physically drop off in-kind at our bins, we encourage you to donate online if you can. As a non-profit, we make every contribution count. 100% of your gift goes directly to a specific and practical need of the women and communities we serve. This includes safe housing assistance, crisis and counselling programs, emergency response. Proceeds raised will help us directly distribute essentials and supplement local prevention and emergency programs that centre all women’s empowerment and equity.

Together, we can build more resilient, sustainable, healthy communities free from violence against women and systemic barriers. Big thank you to our campaign’s presenting sponsor, Healthy Planet and our host, The Drake Hotel.

Black Women Matter Masks

We cannot talk about gender inequality as separate from inequality based on race, class, sexuality, immigrant status. Advancing Gender Equality isn’t just about closing gaps between men and women–it’s also about recognizing the different, diverse identities and experiences of women and non-binary people. If we are to continue to work toward true equality and peace for everyone, we must meet everyone’s unique needs. This starts with the most underrepresented and underserved voices.  

As part of our relief aid efforts, we are giving a free Canadian-made cotton mask for every donation made over $30.* Our custom-designed cotton mask was created to empower; to advocate; to mark your unapologetic support; to lead with an intersectional equity lens. Even greater significance, part of your donation will go to sustaining our Women’s Relief Fund’s mission to serve women, families, and vulnerable communities–including BIPOC, refugees, and low-income–hardest hit by the pandemic. Visit the #GivingTuesday link in our bio for more details.  

Thank you to our community’s changemakers Autumn Peltier, Paul M Taylor, Aliecia Brissett, Alanna Gatchalian, Char San Pedro ✊🏾✊🏿✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻

Mask design + art by Megan Leonard ♥️  

*Until quantities last

Supporting Diverse Black + BIPOC Women

Racism is the antithesis of total freedom and dignity. It has no place in our institutions, societies, homes, or our hearts. It is a public human rights violation that harms black women and men across the world that demands our meaningful attention and care. There is also an importance in acknowledging the systematic denial of equal rights, access, and opportunities to Black and BIPOC communities— uniquely women. The effects of long-standing racial discrimination remain and perpetuate disparities in poverty, housing, equity, criminal justice, health care, climate change, safety, gender-violence, among other areas. ⁣

Our mission to help those whose needs are most vulnerable and create sustainable, safer, and kinder lives is dedicated to consciously addressing this explicitly, with an intersectional and anti-oppressive anti-racist lens. Our commitment is enduring—to listen, transform, empower, and support. We know from our work and those of many others that silence sustains these issues. That the power of our voices and willingness are far greater than what divides us and at best, affirms our common humanity. ⁣

Our Women’s Relief Fund will persist in serving black, BIPOC, visible minority girls, women and their families/dependents, who have or are experiencing poverty, economic inequities, gender-based violence, and marginalization. Donations made to the fund will continue going to shelters and services aiding diverse women and communities.

We ensure immediate access and delivery to supports they need to sustain themselves through the pandemic crisis such as:

  • healthy food and groceries
  • warm takeaway meals
  • gift cards
  • menstrual items
  • baby products
  • personal aid
  • community-based resources and programs
  • rent supplements
  • safe shelter and assistance programs

Moreover, every week we’ll share our resources on how we can actively engage in anti-racist dialogue, encourage responsibility and accountability, promote inclusivity and diversity from black-led organizations and stories, and center policies that prevent racialized and gendered economic equality. ⁣

Help us combat racism with urgent determination and compassionate, action-based care for our black brothers and sisters. Thank you for fighting the good fight and rejecting all forms of injustice.

To Donate:

International Women’s Day: #EachforEqual


At The Drake Hotel on March 8th starting at 5 PM, everyone is welcome to enjoy and participate in a panel and Q&A discussion focusing on equality and women empowerment. In honour of IWD, we are proud to be hosting ”Each For Equal” – a discussion with Diviya Leonard (youth activist/social advocate), Paul Taylor (NDP Candidate/Executive Director of Food Share Canada), Zahra Siddiqui (visual artist/photographer) and Karlyn Percil (international speaker/motivator), moderated and led by Char San Pedro (founder/advocate). The conversations will be centered around encouraging action and awareness for gender equality while celebrating progress achieved. We are equally excited to highlight the work of our panelists who are making significant contributions in their fields. Our goal is to continue building community involvement on large-scale topics and to cultivate equal power and equity around the lived experiences of women, female-identified, and girls. ⁣⁣
Advancing gender equality benefits all of us, including men and boys. It is imperative and fruitful that all persons be included in conversations concerning human welfare and social justice. As an organization, we prioritize taking steps to ensure that all of our initiatives and events are truly inclusive, diverse, accessible, and compassionate. The event is free and ALL are welcome, though guests are encouraged to pay what they can at the door and bring new feminine hygiene products (pads, preferably) for donation.

All proceeds will benefit our mission to support programs serving women and girls experiencing interlinked disparities of abuse, poverty, and social injustice. ⁣

Together we can send the message that the human rights of all women matters! ⁣Take action and join us on March 8th. ⁣⁣Event Link:⁣⁣




For GTA residents who are experiencing homelessness or poverty, basic items such as warm clothing and winter necessities aren’t always easy to find —or afford. ⁣⁣
This season, help make an immediate difference in someone’s life and consider donating to our #ShareTheWarmth ❄️ winter drive. Please support those in need, who are often overlooked during the frigid, cold months. Your kindness is an act of humanity that says “all persons have worth and dignity.” ♥️⁣
We are happily accepting both new and gently used items as long as the donation is high-quality and can be distributed.* Visit our drop-off location at Lee’s Palace on 529 Bloor St West, Toronto. Our collection bin will be available on January 25th during @wingnighttheband’s ‘Party For Cause’ live show. (Tickets available here.) ⁣Your contribution is greatly appreciated. ⁣⁣

*While we appreciate every deed of generosity, keep in mind that if you wouldn’t wear it yourself or ask someone in your family to use it, please do not donate it. If you have any questions about donations or drop-offs, send us an email.

‘Together For Women’ – A Holiday Event in Support of Women’s Habitat

Inequality still exists for millions of women and girls around the world. While we’ve achieved progress, many women continue to face discrimination and violence – key drivers of poverty, lack of opportunities, unrest and conflict. ⁣Women and girls are often the most affected and the first to feel the impacts.⁣⁣
Good To Be Good Foundation + NAGI present an annual holiday charity event, ‘#TogetherForWomen‘ intended to bring together community to raise awareness for gender injustices, advocate for those affected most, and most importantly, raise crucial donations for the cause. Every ticket purchased will benefit women and their families who have experienced injustice, gender-based violence, and poverty. All proceeds from our 8th charity event will help create the change needed to build safety and freedom for those who truly need it this season.⁣
We invite you to join us on December 12, 2019 at the Artscape Sandbox for an inclusive evening of food, spectacular entertainment, and collective hope as we aim to raise for our beneficiary partner: Women’s Habitat of Etobicoke. The feminist organization support all women identified individuals and their dependents with their immediate, crisis, and long-term needs and provide access to important services and resources they need to improve their well-being, family, employment and housing situations.⁣⁣
ALL are welcome, accepted and encouraged to join in the cause.

All ticket sales and raffle funds will benefit the Women’s Habitat.⁣ ♥️⁣

Visit our Instagram for more info and updates.

UNDIVIDED v3 Women’s Campaign

Together, we are unified in our purpose of supporting women, mobilizing human rights, and amplifying a woman’s and girl’s dignity, equity, and value to society.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣

This campaign promotes inclusion and honest diversity – individually and collectively.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Today, and everyday, we honour the vast glory of a woman’s challenges and her uninhibited possibilities. We celebrate women unifying across sectors, courageous across all borders. ⁣⁣We galvanize towards a sustainable world – one that is shared with an army of sisters, near and far, and undoubtedly a better place when we live and work together in harmony for the good of all.⁣

Our visual campaign also aims the spotlight on the⁣ Canadian Women’s Foundation by tribute of @thegivingrosesproject. Please support generously. Our 3rd ‘UNDIVIDED’ campaign spread featured in the latest issue of @luxurluxmag. Available now. More images can be found here.

Sometimes we get so absorbed with solely making our own lives better and overlook the value of our human connection. It is vital to remind ourselves and each other what’s important and what truly matters in the core of our hearts. A common belief that when everybody is equal, together, we are all free. We need to remember that the challenges, atrocities and issues that present themselves in other lives can happen to anybody. Ultimately, gender-based issues, women’s issues, children’s issues, marginalized groups’ issues belong to the responsibility of each and every one of us. In fact, the most significant reminder may be the toughest of all – that’s changing ourselves.

We have the ability to help others protect their basic human right to dignity, security and liberty. All of us have a height of freedom that is unthinkable for millions of women, people around the world and even, for many in our own surroundings. There are women who live in severe danger and face varied levels of abuse just by being themselves or – trying to have a voice. Whether subtle or explicit, violence and abuse is everywhere: in the industries we work in, in businesses, in schools, in politics, and the most dangerous place for some women: their own homes. It is a crime against humanity, one that impairs the woman, the families, communities and future generations.

We can continue our commitment to putting these issues front and centre and approach them holistically, in how we interact in relationships, in the love we give to our duties, by shifting our attitudes that permits the routine harassment, by promoting a culture of equality, by participating and by building the core belief into your everyday human efforts.

Charity begins at home and grows from there. To that end, we need to work strongly with one another and be deliberate about creating a truly equal and just society. Universally, these are investments that never fail and we build a fruitful humanity by what we give, not what we get.

On December 10th 2018, together with 70+ guests, we raised over $2500+ and 8 large packages of in-kind donations filled with new clothing, toiletries, gift cards and baby items. Thank you all for doing some good with us! Your continued support goes a long way:

Big thanks to all of our sponsors for helping us fulfill our initiative: Ari of Muula Humanetics, Meridian Credit Union, S1 Group, Localboom, The Richmond, Lux Furniture Rentals, Stemz Floral & Event, Blaze Pizza (John Street), Crave Healthy Habits, Vieni Estates, Kensington Brewery, Sweet Carnival Cakes, St Royals Entertainment, Pussy Willow Floral Studio, Simply Protein, Flow Alkaline Water, Tara Noelle Photography, Silvia Samsa, Lina Almanzan and all of our cherished contributors and collaborators.

#TOGETHERFORWOMEN event photos can be found here:

Thank you for being an integral part of the change in the world.