Living in the Western world, we have become so busy in life with acquiring things for the benefit of ourselves and seeking things we need – from good food to a decent jacket. Ergo, it is easy to forget about the more important things in life such as selfless giving, kindness, creative altruism and of course, love. These are things that ultimately shape the context of our human being experience and what brings us closer together. Universally, these are investments that never fail and we make a life by what we give not by what we get.

When we do good, we feel good. Good in, good out. 

How do we practice our ‘good‘ muscles and work jointly for a greater impact in driving change in the world we inhabit? One act of kindness at a time. When we cultivate sincere generosity and kindness without expectation of reward or reciprocity, we inadvertently discover the great paradox that underlies fuller human flourishing – in the giving of self, lies the surprising discovery of a happier and healthier life. So by doing ‘unto others’ we not only help those in need, we help ourselves. The truth is, we are all connected and no life is separate from another. So no matter how big or small the act may be, everything we do as an individual can affect the whole.

With compassion and action-based hope, we can fulfill our responsibility of cherishing every human life. Charity begins at home but it doesn’t stop there. We hope you continue to do small things with great love. We can create a better humanity with one act of kindness at a time. A better world begins, and thrives, with each of us every day.


*Supported charitable entities and multi-service programs: 

Red Door Family Shelter / Boost For Kids / Women’s Habitat of Etobicoke  / Dixon Hall / Sistering / Spun Studio / Out Of The Cold / Matthew House / Youth Assisting Youth