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Make an impact with us.

GOOD TO BE GOOD provides essential and empowering support and resources for diverse women, girls, gender-diverse folks, and communities made vulnerable and marginalized. What’s more, your contributions help us continue our awareness and advocacy work and advance our mission by empowering and strengthening the power of grassroots efforts rooted in social justice and radical compassion.

GOOD TO BE GOOD is a community-led, people-powered nonprofit organization with no government funding, so our efforts are 100% fuelled by your generosity and solidarity.  All of our programs and services are provided through community goodwill and financial donations.

Every contribution—big or small—is greatly appreciated and acts as a commitment towards gender equality. Our people-centred, human rights-based work is not possible without you.

To make a donation, fill out the form online for a one-time or monthly gift. We are also happy to receive your gift by cheque.  

To make a gift by phone or email, please contact Vanessa Bullock, Fund Development Manager at [email protected] to connect.

We accept in-kind donations such as new/unused products, services or corporate/employee time and expertise as they help reduce expenses and enables us to dedicate more funds and resources to carrying out our mission. 


Make an impact on the communities we serve by donating today. Your contribution allows us to continue with programming, events, advocacy, and community building.