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Be a part of the vision for a gender-equal world.

We are committed to continue working toward gender equality and empower and uplift women and gender-diverse people, especially those in underserved and marginalized communities.

GOOD TO BE GOOD is a grassroots, entity-sustaining, community and women-led nonprofit. Therefore, our work is fuelled by acts of solidarity and support. We establish ethical and sustainable funding and partnerships, ensuring our work is maintained for the communities we serve and care deeply about. 

Contributions help maintain access to our programs and services for women and gender-diverse people in our priority communities. They also help to expand projects and advocacy work, and resource community-building initiatives. 

We don’t do this work alone and rely on the power of collective action and compassion. Everyday people sustain our mission by partnering, donating, assisting, or volunteering with us to strengthen and sustain our efforts. 

Support our work to reach and meet the unique and critical needs and hopes of the women, gender-diverse people and communities we serve.


We will do this until we are all free. 


Contribute via the donate button or by bank transfer, cheque, PayPal, or Stripe

Recurring monthly donations help ensure we have the ongoing support needed to respond to the most urgent needs and make significant progress toward our mission. 

We do not receive government funding. With the vitality of donations, we are committed to strengthening our work so we can continue to offer essential programs and services to community members accessing them.


Contribute directly to our Empowering Care

Donate in-kind such as new/unused non-perishable products and everyday items suited to our community members’ needs, interests, and preferences. 

Provide media, and community outreach to help amplify our work. Email [email protected] to partner with us. 

Get your company involved! Corporate sponsorships, peer-to-peer fundraisers, skills-based corporate/employee volunteering, and expertise and resource-sharing can help reduce expenses and enable us to dedicate more funds and resources to carry out our mission. Multiply your gift through your company’s matching gift program. Taking advantage of your company’s matching gift program increases the impact of your gift to women for Gender Equity.

Volunteer opportunities vary and change throughout the year. Volunteer opportunities include work with outreach through information booths at schools and community events, event and fundraising support, or helping out with administration. For group volunteering opportunities, sign up by filling out the intake form:

If you are a social worker, researcher, facilitator, or counsellor interested in working with us on a volunteer basis, email [email protected]

To explore other ways to get involved or if you have questions about our fundraising campaigns, contact


To achieve the structural change we need, it’s essential to think creatively and take innovative actions incrementally rather than trying to do everything at once. So, think outside the box and take each new initiative as a step toward making a big difference. 

– Champion women’s empowerment and talk about their rights.
– Read, write, organize, convene, build bridges through connections and dialogue. Understanding the issues is key for making informed action. 
– Reach out to your elected officials to voice your concerns about access to equity and justice policies and practices that affect women and gender-diverse people’s lives.
– Talk about gender equity, women’s empowerment and rights as a matter of equality with those around you.
– Join non-violent movement protests and marches lead by women leaders and groups. 
– Support campaigns like the United Nations Unite Campaign to support women and girls made vulnerable around the world. 
– Engage men and boys in the fight to end violence against women and girls. 
– Governments and formal institutions can make a difference for women and girls impacted by in justices by increasing funding for women’s rights organizations and investing in lifesaving programs and groups. 

As a grassroots, start-up not-for-profit charitable-purposed organization, we are not in a position to provide cash donations or sponsorships to events, campaigns, and initiatives at this time. However, as active members of the community, we are always open to ideas on how to partner with organizations and companies to further our collective goals and mission. Please reach out to [email protected] with your ideas or proposals. 

We greatly respect the privacy and the privileges granted to us by our supporters. With your contribution, you’ll get updates on our progress through newsletters, social media channels, and annual progress reports.  

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