Together with our community, we aim to help improve outcomes for those who need it most.


Thanks to you, our community, Good To Be Good is able to provide humanitarian programs in anti-poverty, gender equality, women’s rights, and advocacy. The impact of our programs and initiatives reach hundreds of women and communities who are at-risk yearly.


We turn every donation into action, into an act of compassion. Our volunteer-led team works with a network of community partners, leaders, and frontline workers to evaluate the immediate needs of affected communities using gender and neighbourhood-level lenses. Our local recovery efforts include distributing healthy food, groceries, hygiene products, clothing, baby essentials, gift cards, education and counselling cash aid, and rent supplements. With care and efficiency, our non-stigmatizing and no-barrier response capabilities ensure that essential resources and emergency assistance are rapidly directed to the recipients. Because no person should have to decide between buying groceries and finding safe, affordable housing during a crisis situation.


Being an impact-driven organization, our efforts are rooted in urgent-term and long-term solutions. We understand the importance of balancing ‘being of service’ and raising awareness to address underlying causes. We aim to advance gender equality through advocacy that enables us to promote issues and engage communities. At a program level, our advocacy campaigns include: UNDIVIDED—a women’s photo project campaign promoting inclusivity and unity, community-focused speaker panels that tackle gender bias and issues such as human trafficking and gender equity, product launches such as “Black Women Matter” masks, and online multi-channel awareness campaigns that push for collective change.


In March 2020, we held our first International Women’s Day panel (free) event which consisted of 5 BIPOC speakers promoting gender equality and equity. In June 2019, we organized a documentary presentation and women-led panel discussion aimed at addressing the topic of human trafficking—one of the most underreported crimes—and its dangers and harmful effects in our local communities and societies. From our fundraiser events and panel activations to our digital campaigns, we incorporate advocacy and activism in everything we do. We understand awareness is crucial in spotlighting stories and causes; but advocacy brings another layer of consciousness—it encourages progress from ‘seeing the issue’ to participating in holistic solutions. Solutions, anyone can do, that are tangible, impactful, and worthwhile.

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