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Together with our community, we provide care and advocacy for women, girls, and gender-diverse people who been made vulnerable by gender inequity and inequality. 


We provide humanitarian, community-led programs and services rooted in gender equity principles, intersectionality, inclusion, and universal compassion. Our work aims to address and eliminate systemic barriers and inequities caused by colonialism, patriarchy, imperialism, and white supremacy while contributing to a kinder, more compassionate humanity. The grassroots impact of our work reaches hundreds of women and gender-diverse folks in local communities a year. We are committed to substantially involving and engaging communities in needs assessments, program development and  implementation, service design and distribution, capacity-building, and response planning. 


We turn every donation into action; into an act of compassion and justice.

Our team works with a network of community partners, leaders, volunteers, and members of our community to evaluate the complex situations and unique needs of affected individuals using gender and neighbourhood-level lenses. Our local recovery response include distributing and delivering safe assistance such as nutritious foods, grocery items, transportation, personal hygiene products, household supplies, clothing, baby essentials, gift cards, financial assistance, rent supplements, economic readiness supports, and resources. Our non-stigmatizing and low-barrier service is dedicated to helping communities in crisis and emergencies with essential resources and personalized supports that are directed to the recipients with care, flexibility, and efficiency—because no person should have to decide between buying groceries and finding safe housing.

We don’t approach this as a common charitable “quick-fix” model, but an investment that enables those impacted to lead active and dignified lives and re-establish themselves as cared-for members of society.  


We integrate advocacy and activism in everything we do—from our fundraiser events and panel activations to our digital campaigns. Advocacy is critical to our overall mission. We promote informative dialogue and conversations that render connection and opportunities for reflection and healing; and, ultimately, mobilize the power each of us holds to be a part of progress. We believe awareness is crucial in uplifting voices and spotlighting causes, but advocacy brings another layer of consciousness: it encourages progress from ‘seeing the issue’ to participating in integrative solutions. Solutions anyone can do that are tangible, generative, and worthwhile. 

Our advocacy efforts are rooted in urgent and long-term solutions and consciousness as a mission-driven organization. We understand the importance of balancing being of service and raising awareness to address underlying root causes that perpetuate issues and struggles facing our communities. We aim to advance gender equity, alongside many others, through advocacy that enables us to promote intersecting issues and engage communities in meaningful and radical ways. At a program level, our advocacy work and campaigns include:

  • UNDIVIDED—a visual campaign promoting inclusivity, solidarity, belonging in sisterhood by honouring individual and collective power through photo and video mediums. 
  • Community-focused speaker panel activations that tackle gender bias and issues such as human trafficking and gender parity. We create safe, engaging spaces to connect and mobilize communities to address harmful practices and discriminatory biases.
  • Product launches such as our “Black Women Matter” masks. 
  • Online multi-channel awareness campaigns that centre issue advocacy and champion collective change 
  • Petitions that involve national and international entities to deliver action that respects human rights and liberty of all.
  • In June 2019, we organized a documentary presentation and women-led panel discussion to address the topic of human trafficking—one of the most underreported crimes—and its dangers and harmful effects on our societies. In March 2020, we held our first International Women’s Day panel community-focused event, which consisted of five BIPOC speakers who work towards gender equality and equity in their respective spaces.


We integrate gender equity and gender focus in every aspect of our programming. Investing and supporting diverse women and gender-diverse folks is a necessary and effective way to address poverty, violence, abuse, trafficking, crises, climate change, health disparities, and economic and societal injustices. When we invest in them, we invest in their families, and ultimately, we invest in our communities and societies at large. Accessible programming allows us to invest in communities directly. 

We provide engaging and empowering programming that focuses on the development, leadership, and healing of diverse women and gender-diverse folks who have been made vulnerable, experienced trauma, or face structural barriers. Our programs serve participants by providing peer support, mentorship, training, tools, resources, opportunities, and a sense of community in relational, non-punitive, strength-based, trauma-informed, and anti-oppressive environments. We ensure that each program offered to community members is holistically supportive, protects their dignity, realizes their voice, prioritizes their well-being, and bolsters connection and agency. 

All of our programs are led by facilitators, advocates, and community members with lived experiences who have expertise in development and community sustainability.