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We believe everyone can be a Partner-in-Solidarity.

GOOD TO BE GOOD collaborates with local organizations, movement leaders, community members, engaged individuals and groups with lived experiences, companies, and organizations to advance our collective mission and efforts. 

We work together to generate actions and practices while supporting social cohesion, transformative justice, and sustainable development by strengthening community and movement capacity.

Fostering sustainable, collaborative, and thoughtful relationships is critical to advancing our mission. We believe in building relationships 
based on human rights, respect, inclusion, wisdom, dignity, active listening, empowerment, and a shared vision for an equitable and compassionate world. 

We know that everyone has the full-circle power to strengthen their connection and service to communities—and for organizations to positively and justly affect them economically, environmentally, and socially. 

Our partnerships are formed on the understanding that we empower and serve. We do not subscribe to the mentality that only one type of person, business, or group can improve circumstances for communities. We do not promote the framework which doesn’t seek to prioritize social justice and only reinforces systems and practices that cause or contribute to the harm to the affected communities. This work must always centre the universal belief that all persons are entitled to their fundamental human rights. 

We gratefully acknowledge the following community leaders, service providers, individuals, companies, foundations, and groups whose contributions have significantly enhanced GOOD TO BE GOOD programs and allow us to continue our vital work in the community. 

Companies + organizations who help us grow our service + impact:

A special thanks to all of our responsive and caring supporters who wish to remain anonymous but are equally committed to the mission. No matter the donation and action—grand or small—our supporters are helping shape a world that reflects our shared values. Thank you for your commitment in advancing gender equity for all the women and gender-diverse folks we serve. We are better together.