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We collaborate with local organizations, institutions, grassroots and movement leaders, community members, businesses, advocates, and community groups, engaging individuals with diverse and lived experiences. Together, we strive to further our mission and realize a shared vision for a more compassionate and gender-equal world for everyone.

We focus on cultivating partnerships that encourage collective action and power, enhance community care, and confront oppressive barriers preventing women and gender-diverse people from receiving the necessary support and achieving equality.

It’s true: it does take a Community! Every act of “togetherness” brings us closer to equality. 

We believe every individual can strengthen community bonds and establishments can positively impact the economy, environment, and society. We believe that we can make gender equality a reality—but only if we do it together! 

Our work involves working closely with the community. Establishing solid and cooperative relationships is essential for us to achieve our goal of creating a fair system. We promote action based on shared values of respect, inclusivity, justice, wisdom, dignity, empowerment, and a bold vision for a compassionate and gender-equal world.

We establish partnerships by acknowledging the empowerment of community members’ agency and capacities, valuing equality and mutual respect. We do not promote a framework that doesn’t seek to prioritize social justice and equitable progress. We strive to steer clear of and actively discourage paternalistic practices and solutions that reinforce decision-making control, lead to further harm, and sustain power imbalances within marginalized communities. We view partnerships as a redistribution of privilege, sharing resources and knowledge, centring the experiences of women and gender-diverse people, integrated investments, and long-term commitments to equity—not as handouts or concessions that maintain routine the status quo.

Key ways in which we leverage Partnerships: 

– Dedicated to identifying and dismantling structures that perpetuate disparities and unequal conditions, aiming to bridge gender gaps and remove barriers for women and gender-diverse communities.

– Utilize existing resources to enhance collective capabilities and implement practical grassroots solutions that aim to create enduring change and ensure the meaningful involvement of all women and gender-diverse individuals.

– Partner on scalable, community-focused participatory solutions that aim to reinforce social and economic resilience and strengthen capacity and the right to self-determination for priority communities.

– Offer solidarity-focused mutual aid support, emphasizing cultural relevance, and providing comprehensive material and social resources rooted in liberation, consent, solidarity, and co-creation, rather than hierarchy-based charity.

– Authentically engage affected communities—especially Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour who have been institutionally held back—to help shape our thinking when advancing priorities and building solutions required for systems change. 

– Maintain a long term-vision while addressing immediate needs in the development of our efforts. 


We appreciate the support of anonymous contributors who share our goal of promoting gender equality. Every contribution, from our team to volunteers and supporters, is vital in building a just and compassionate world that deeply values and radically loves women and gender-diverse people.


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