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Empowering Care Packs will provide essential and restorative support for women and their dependents who have experienced the effects of gender-based violence, structural poverty, marginalization, social isolation. This relief program ensures ongoing advocacy and barrier-free access to supports tailored to women at-risk who need to sustain their lives during the pandemic while providing the conditions for meaningful pathways to economic autonomy, wellness, and personal agency. Each Empowering Care Pack includes healthy food boxes, cash supplements, menstrual items, personal aid, new family products, a note of positive affirmation, community-based intersectional resources for economic supports, and additional services.

Our aim is to empower made-vulnerable women to build thriving livelihoods through healing, enhancing care and uplift their voices and lived experiences in communities. We see profound value in supporting women to access their human rights: the right to safety, protection, food, adequate shelter, healthcare, and enabling their development and capacity to exercise power and transformation for themselves. To empower women means a lasting investment in their future—and the whole ecosystem!

To apply for support, contact:
Karen R, Community Manager
[email protected] 


This interactive 6-week virtual program is for women and non-binary people who want to learn about the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and leadership-building. The FREE women and community-led program aims to bridge the gap for women with entrepreneurial spirits who face multiple barriers by leading them through comprehensive, inclusive workshops. 

Each group-setting workshop empowers Participants with the fundamentals of creating a business on their terms while connecting them with other women entrepreneurs, mentors, and accessible resources and life-enhancing tools. This program is built around the power of community, compassionate peer support, accessible resources and tools, and total empowerment!

Workshops invite Participants to establish connections, interact with mentors and industry professionals, engage in discussions on “Entrepreneurship 101,” develop hard and soft business skills, test opportunities, learn health and wellness practices, and explore ideas and challenges. 

To learn more, contact:
Suzanne A, Program Lead
[email protected]