COVID-19 Supports

Ontario Crisis Lines for Gender Violence Aid

Even before the pandemic began, 1 in 3 women experienced sexual assault. However, many people in Canada and globally experience certain forms of violence because of their gender. Experiencing violent and abusive behaviour is not the same for every person. Studies have found that women and girls in marginalized communities, especially Indigenous, Black and women of colour, and 2SLGBTQ2+ folks are more likely to experience gender-based violence (GBV) at a disproportionate rate and face barriers to their accessing supports. The alarming rise of GBV and violence against women and girls have only been aggravated by the pandemic.

Emerging data shows an increase in crisis calls to helplines in many countries since the outbreak of COVID-19, yet gender-based violence is one of the most significantly underreported experiences. Those experiencing domestic violence and abuse need to know that we believe them, that there are services available, and that they are supported on their journey to healing and safety.

Check on those in your community and immediate circles. If you or someone you know is being abused**, help is available.

**When we say “abused” we are referring to a range of abusive and violent behaviours, including physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, financial, stalking, early or forced marriage, intimate partner violence, exploitation, coercion and control, rape, harassment, workplace harassment, cyber-violence, spiritual abuse.


If you require immediate support, please contact your local crisis support service or visit your local emergency department.

If you require life assistance, please email