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Our Empowering Care Packs program provides essential and restorative care for women*, girls, and gender-diverse folks who have experienced the effects of gender-based violence, poverty, marginalization, social isolation, and other structural barriers affecting equity. Our humanitarian-rooted relief service ensures ongoing advocacy and no-barrier access to supports tailored to individuals while providing the conditions for meaningful pathways to stability, healing, security, wellness, and agency. Depending on recipient needs, each Empowering Care Pack consists of nutritious food boxes, emergency financial assistance for rent and connectivity, gift cards, menstrual products, personal aid, home goods, a note of positive affirmation, resources for supports and additional referrals. Outreach services can also be delivered to partnering agencies that have women and gender-diverse communities as part of their clientele.

We know the profound value in supporting women, girls, and gender-diverse folks to access their human rights: the right to safety, protection, food, shelter, healthcare, and enabling their development and capacity to exercise power and transformation for themselves. To empower women means a lasting investment in their future—and the whole ecosystem! Our aim is to empower made-vulnerable and equity-seeking women and gender-diverse folks to build safe and thriving livelihoods through trauma-informed, enhancing care while uplifting their voices and experiences in communities. This starts with supporting their basic needs and protecting their fundamental rights. 

To apply for supports, contact:
Jenny Hong, Program Manager



We provide strengths-based and trauma-informed Peer Support services that respond to the needs for advocacy,  emergency shelters, housing assistance, crisis counselling, food security, employment, childcare and child protection, legal, support networks, income supports, treatment programs, mental health and primary healthcare medical services and options with referrals and supportive guidance. Our Peer Engagement support team connects women and gender-diverse folks to community programs, treatment providers, recreation opportunities, and social activities through peer outreach while supporting clients in their wellness, safety, and healing journeys. 

The work of our Peer Engagement team is case-by-case, depending on the specific needs, situation, and motive to receive help on the part of the served individual. After an initial assessment, we establish a trust-based, compassionate partnership that provides supportive listening and facilitation in connecting to other resources and finding solutions as required.

For more information on this service, please Lindsay, Peer Engagement + Social Work Specialist at [email protected]


Development workshops to build women’s entrepreneurial inner skills. 

Change Make-Her is an interactive program for women*, non-binary and gender-diverse people from gender equity-deserving groups who are pursuing entrepreneurship and leadership-building skills through low-barrier mentorship, training, community-building, peer support, resource-sharing, and other development opportunities. This FREE community-led, capacity-building initiative strives to bridge the gap for made-vulnerable women and folks with entrepreneurial spirits who face systemic barriers by leading them through comprehensive, inclusive economic readiness workshops

Each group-setting workshop empowers participants with the fundamentals of creating a business or income generating activity on their terms while connecting them with entrepreneurs, mentors, peer support, and accessible resources, tools, and vital supplies. 

Participants will have the opportunity to: 

Build Entrepreneurship & Leadership Skills 
Learn Business Fundamentals 
Bolster Empowerment & Personal Development 
Support Independence & Interdependence 

Participants will have the opportunity to establish connections, interact with mentors and industry professionals, engage in discussions around “Entrepreneurship 101,” share strategies, develop basic business skills, learn wellness practices, and explore ideas and challenges in a safe and inclusive space.

Our program is built around the power of connection, community, and total empowerment! At this time, our program’s modules are delivered virtually and in the English language. 

To learn more, contact:
Heidy Quintanilla, Program Lead

* For the purposes of our website/program communications, we use the word women to reference an inclusive term that includes and encompasses self-identified Two-Spirit, women-identified people, gender queer, trans, non-binary people, and people of all marginalized genders. We recognize and believe that gender is not defined by biology.